Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The state of Delhi ?

16 june 2011
So Guys,                                  

Another international concert is cancelled in Delhi, The Bryan Adams show - due to security reasons and government policies. Delhi's reputation has always been like this, dealing with government agencies in Delhi is a big question mark. She has surely lived upto her reputation. In continuation with CWG and other big scams, Delhi government authorities has again proved that they are least concerned when it comes to the organization of international events, they give a damn to the event or the reputation of the country. The only thing matters to Delhi's sarkari babus is the so called important paperwork or under the table processes. 

Delhi is so concerned about security of their VIPs and netas that aam janta is neglected due to this. Delhi will become chawani if any neta is visiting the city but their is no safety for females and others. Delhi will break all the records in Rape cases very soon. Elderly citizens will be tortured as like females and kids they are a soft target. You can see the police everywhere near areas where our respected(so called) PM & other netas stays but no security in residential areas and local markets.

We are in a very sorry state. This reminds me a joke told to me by one of my friend who stays in Australia past 10 years. He says that we - Indians shall go to heaven after death as we are already living in hell, but he will go to hell because he is already living in heaven. :)

Sorry to say this but this is true.

God Bless us !