Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Have you ever felt the smell of time?

Have you ever felt the smell of time?
Do you remember the fragrances of vine?
Past, which will never come back
But will always be there with us awake

Do you remember the smell of that afternoon

when birds used to sing and croon
Do you remember the smell of that tree
under which you sat free
And waited for your rickshaw puller
because that day school was fun 
& at the same time hectic and fuller

Slowly reaching your sweet home,

as it was too hot a day for 
rickshaw puller to pull it alone
There were other mates also sitting in it
And it smelled like a nest full of birds 
chirping gloriously in the jungle of concrete

And then suddenly comes a huge cloud 

and embraces sun like a lover hug's
and behaving himself as a smug
Abruptly ambience started smelling good
I was floating in the glory of cloud's hood
It was a mirage & was misunderstood

The sun was indeed very strong

and it can not never go wrong
Still its rays were piercing our skin 
and I was smelling of chagrin
I cant look at the sun
as if it is a part of some sin

It will go and send the moon soon

till then I may smell a bane or a boon
Moments fly like this, and days pass 
Smells become brighter like a wrasse
Fleshy lips, powerful teeth & brightly coloured

And then smell changes to colour 
Which will always be there with us 
till we are alive & jive 
it will always be our saviour

'The smell'

#Memoirs of GONE