Wednesday, October 31, 2012

! Its your choice !

Oct 2012

Festive season is here again !

Lots of holidays, shopping, decorations and loads of fun. Days start running when this season of the year comes or it seems natural due to some movements in space and days become short and nights longer. Whatever it may be, things become special and enchanting. Markets display all their products with lots of specialties and heavy discounts. But God only knows if they give genuine cut in prices or its fake to lure the customers. Shopping bags become double in numbers and money vanishes from the purses.

During the same period when once I was spending/wasting my husband's wallet in one of the up class markets of metro city I met with a strange incident. 

Moving from one shop to the another I was feeling really good, as I purchased few accessories and clothes for myself. Of course ! What do you think? shopping begins with lady of the house and also ends at her fancy. Well ! I also bought some beautiful caricatures and art pieces for my home. I bought some nice n cute clothes for my boys. And then I entered another home furnishing shop, which I find the most attractive in the whole shopping area. I felt someone is following me since when I purchased those expensive caricatures for home. You know, women possess an EYE in their back, and if someone is looking at her in the crowd she will come to know at once. I could feel someone's eyes at my back. Suddenly I felt cold. I told myself that though I am alone but this market is full of all kind of people. I instantly discouraged the thought that no one helps you when you are in need in the open. Newspapers are full of these kind of horrible stories.

Being optimistic I again told myself that this is my doubt and  I won't be hurt in any ways. But my heart was saying something else and also thumping little faster than regular. Anyways I took a deep breath and tried to look out with all my might to see if someone suspicious is there. I was standing among the ultra beautiful light and wall hangings looking out, I saw a very crudely dressed man, in his 20's, darker than dark complexion, yellow teeth, cluttered hair locks, very thin, bare foot and very restless looking here and there. In the middle of such a beautiful things he looked more ugly. His eyes were marble white with dark black pupil filled with remorse and concern. Now I was sure that this man is following me. I felt little afraid of him but little only, somehow he was not scary.

Till now I was totally out of my shopping mood and my mind was fast running like a horse who wants to reach at its destination.But now what should I do? Moreover the effective sales man inside the showroom was also diverting me from my thinking horses. Sales man wanted to sell some awesome stuff to me. Anyways I have to face it. Should I take help of sales man or some one else or I should sort this on my own?

That moment was like an hour for me in which I was given a question paper and I don't even know a single answer. Being hard hearted and strong has its own disadvantages, the one I faced now. And I decided to be on my own. I gathered all my might and remembered my God and came out of that amazing palatial showroom. I started walking fast towards metro station, now again I could feel those Black and White eyes on my back. Now that was frosty. I was almost running while walking as evening had started putting its grey blanket on the mother earth and grey was always very scary and creepy. As I left the market area I started feeling calm, it seems there is no one following me now. I slowed down a little and tried to look back. Damn ! this cervical pain, I can't even move my neck. So I turned myself completely to look back. And there was no one. As if there was no one following me. There were regular people moving around. I took a breathe of relief after such a long time. I smiled inside. And as I turned back to move to metro station, He was standing in front of me. I was zapped to see him. Before I could do something, he said," Madamji, yeh apka samaan gir gaya tha, mein apko bahut der se dhoond raha tha, maaf karna madamji ek baar samaan check kar lena."

I was speechless. In his dirty black hand he was carrying my pink christian Dior pouch which was carrying my license, cards and cash. I slowly took my pouch from his hands, thinking how our thought process changes just looking at a person and we start judging & presuming them with their outside persona. This was a  lesson of life. I instantly said," Thank you, ismein bahut zaroori samaan tha, aur yeh aap rakh lo." I grabbed first picture of Gandhiji which came in my hand and moved it in his direction.

He very genuinely smiled and said which I shall never try to forget," Nahi madamji yeh nahi chaeye, yahan market sab poochte hai kaam karega magar kaam koi nahi deta, jinhone bhi kaam diya unhe apna gussa utarane ke liye koi chaeye tha, to mujhe rakha, mann kara maara, mann kara gaali dee. maar khaane se acha sadak par hawa khaana theek laga mujhe. mere madad koi nahi karna chahta, sab apne madad kar rahe hai. gareeb ki madad karke swarg milege sochte hai, magar marne ke baad kisey pata kaun kahan jaata hai.

Thank you madamji."

He turned back and ran away in that dark grey blanket which was getting darker every second. And I felt haziness inside my eyes.

By now, it was all over. My shopping experience gave me a teaching. We philanthropist by choice, and those who do philanthropy need this assurance the most that whatever they are doing, they are doing it for the sake of poor and deprived. Well, it included me also.

And slowly in the dark blanket I reached the metro station and put my bags on the escalator to catch my AC women compartment. 

"Find someone who isn't afraid to admit that they miss you. Someone who knows that you’re not perfect, but treats you as if you are. Someone whose biggest fear is losing you. One who gives their heart completely. Someone who says I love you and means it. Last but not the least, find someone you wouldn't mind waking up with you in the morning, seeing your wrinkles and your grey hair but still falls in love with you all over again."

Makri !

मीठापन जो लाया था मैं गाँव से
कुछ दिन शहर रहा अब कड़वी ककड़ी है।

तब तो नंगे पाँव धूप में ठंडे थे
अब जूतों में रहकर भी जल जाते हैं
तब आया करती थी महक पसीने से
आज इत्र भी कपड़ों को छल जाते हैं
मुक्त हँसी जो लाया था मैं गाँव से
अब अनाम जंजीरों ने आ जकड़ी है।

तालाबों में झाँक,सँवर जाते थे हम
अब दर्पण भी हमको नहीं सजा पाते
हाथों में लेकर जो फूल चले थे हम
शहरों में आते ही बने बहीखाते
नन्हा तिल जो लाया था मैं गाँव से
चेहरे पर अब जाल-पूरती मकड़ी है।

तब गाली भी लोकगीत-सी लगती थी
अब यक़ीन भी धोखेबाज़ नज़र आया !
तब तो घूँघट तक का मौन समझते थे
अब न शोर भी अपना अर्थ बता पाया !
सिंह-गर्जना लाया था मैं गाँव से
अब वह केवल पत्ते -चबाती बकरी है।

Sunday, May 13, 2012

खामोश !

Iss dill ne jo chaha woh hamesha paya hai
par tujhe na paane ka dard kahin iss dill mein ठहर  sa gaya hai

बुझती  hue कोयले  ppar jo roshni bache hai
wahee bahut hote hai umeed kayam rakhne ke liye

Pata hai woh बुझ   jayege jaldi he
Par woh ek mashaal se kum nahi hai aaj

Par kyonचिता  ki ladki ki rakh 
par sardi mein haath sekne ka mann hai

Par kyon uss ka sardअहसास 
aaj bhi garam mahsoos hota hai

Is dill ne jo chaha woh hamesha paya hai !

Par क्यों  yeh दिल  aaj bhi wahin ruka hai 
जहाँ se tum chale gaye they chup chap...

ज़िन्दगी guzar jayege yuun he....
Par woh pal nahi छूटेगा  samay se

सदियां beetजायेगा 
na hum honge na tum....

magar woh pal wahin hoga
खामोश !
chup chaap !
बेआवाज़ !

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Shop, Shop, Shop !

Warm welcome to all those who are visiting this page.

Well its been more than a month I could not write anything. I could not write when negative thoughts of past or bad deeds done in past capture my mind. Well, I am a Buddhism practitioner and these thoughts should not come to my mind.
I was reading newspaper today morning, and whenever I see an advertisement I get this burning desire to purchase. There were selling a very nice wine serving set. I really think of buying it. Saw indiatimes is offering good products n interesting packages

Shopping has become a totally different kinda experience now. there were times when once a week or once in 15 days we used to go to shopping to a nice conjusted market with mummy or papa and used to shop lesser what was required. But now its vice versa we shop almost every where and all the time. And shop much much more than what is actual requirement. We can shop online, offline, sales people also come at door step, then there are TV channels who are selling each n every thing on this earth. Life has become very much desirable now, like now we want everything. There is no amount of satisfaction left in anything we do. And then once we are back we start feeling guilty "Oh s#$% ! why we purchased all these useless stuff?".

Of course because of this shopping has lost its charm.