Monday, December 19, 2011

Pleasure of being at Morning walk ! 19th Dec 2011

The fog was awesome today. I have always cherished winters with lots of fog and fragrance of the cold breeze. Trees were at their glorious best. Overall atmosphere was beautiful in the literally sense. While writing this I could realize that I should thank GOD for giving me eyes, nose, ears, legs, arms & heart to cherish all these things which some unfortunate ones are not privileged to enjoy. They are indeed especially able, definitely nature inspires me to work for them and others who are less privileged.

This inspires me to write an interesting experience. We always buy a papaya & a Nariyal paani while coming back from the walk. Today while standing nearby Papaya seller, my White Blackberry fell down off my hand and I quickly picked it up. Reflex action, of course. Papita walla bhaiya asked me "Is this is a Blackberry?" We are pleasantly surprised on his question. I said, "Yes." He then said "Yeh phone sabse mahnga hai aur apne gira diya." I smiled and said"Nahi sabse mahnga to nahi hai" He then said"yeh 14k-15k ka hoga?" I said "No its only 9k". He finally said "Achha sasta ho gaya hai". And by then we paid him money for the purchase and moved on towards home.

The incident was very small. But it made us think. I felt pride on his aspirations, despite selling papita outside District Park he knows about the Blackberry and inquired about its rates also. This gives the thought that we should "Think Big". Tough he may not be thinking of buying the costly phone but he knows about it. If the thought is there, dream is there, and then one can achieve it. Life is all about thinking BIG. No matter what your current position, status or finances are. Aspirations can be shared with anyone, they can be big or small or may be tiny. Human beings with out aspirations, dreams & thoughts are living like a subject. There should always be something to look forward to else life will become a drag.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

No matter what...........Don't stop !

A journey called Life !
No matter what, I shall make the difference!
27th April 2003
Life has its ups and downs. Everyone has. My life is a rollercoaster ride since I married my boyfriend in 2003. We shared the togetherness at every moment and love which I missed pre marriage days. Fortunately or unfortunately he was my only boy friend and then graduated to become my husband. We saw places with each other and all kinds of ups and downs were there in our lives. We went to celebrate our togetherness after marriage without planning it. It was more of an adventure trip rather than romantic  honeymoon. Now we think it was so unsafe to do so. I think when you have kids you become more cautious in everything you do.
We went to Railway station without any reservation in the evening of 29 April 2003. On our way we purchased a new photo reel, at that time digital cams were not common. We reached New delhi railway station and boarded the train to Kalka. We reached Kalka which in itself is surrounded by hills of Shimla. It was beautiful to watch railway tracks going up and down in the mountains.
While I am writing this my one year old is clinging to my legs as he has done something in his diapers. Watching kids grow gives you the satisfaction which no other thing on this earth can give.
It was my very first visit to Shimla. We took a toy train from Kalka which took 6 hours to reach Shimla. It crossed 101 tunnels on its journey. It was a fun experience. Once we reached Shimla railway station we met a guy who was selling hotel rooms then and there. There are lots of these kind of sales guys at every hill station in India. As our trip was unplanned we had to book a nice hotel to stay. My husband discussed tariff and other things with him. I was little apprehensive and didn’t liked that he has not even planned his honeymoon. Anyways I am very short tempered person, if am angry than next moment I am happy also. So we went to the hotel that guy took us to. It was overall nice place, our room was at the ground floor and moreover it was on the mall road so it was easy for us to roam around.
SHIMLA is historically beautiful hill station. It has its own old wordly charm which is hard to resist. We visited Kufri which is a distance further from Shimla. But we could enjoy snow there as it was summer season and it was all clear. It was horse ride to Kufri. There is a small temple once you reach kufri which is on a decent height. The temple was very raw and utterly simple with plain orange curtains and darkness inside. May be its telling people to see the light inside them. There was a point which shows China – Tibet border thru telescope. It was funny to see people watching China border thru telescope as if they have reached there without passport and visa. Afterall we all have this urge inside us to see distant places especially outside the country. There was a play area also in which there were rides and carting facilities as well. It was good to keep kids busy. I told my husband that when we will have kids we shall bring them here.
Its always a nice feeling to feel good about future, No matter what it holds for you.
After Shimla we hired a TATA indica till Kullu – Manali. Manali is indeed queen of hill stations. It was unexpectedly awesome. The hotel we booked from Shimla was beautiful. When we reached Manali it was all dark as there was no electricity in the town. It was raining badly. Our hotel was no less than a haunted mansion at that time. But in the morning we saw the most beautiful site. River vyas was flowing in front of our hotel and making lots of noise because of stones there. It reminds me now River was like a bunch of young girls coming from school chatting & making all kinds of noises.
It was a pleasure watching the clear water the river and trees covering the river from all sides. We enjoyed a lot there though money was less at that time as compared to now. We travelled to Manikaran and then to Rohtang pass which is the highest peak in North India. The visit to rohtang we still cherish, the moment we were going upwards it was snowing. We were ecstatic as it was the first time we were seeing snowfall. We both from planes of UP and West Bengal, snowfall was the treat for us to watch. It was a divine moment actually. Manikaran had water which was always warm, one can cook and wash clothes as well in it. The water is directly coming from mountains so it had ayurvedic jaree bootees in it. We also visited Temple of Hidimba. I never knew Hidimba has a temple in her name. No wonder if south india stars like Rajnikant and many others  can have temples in their name down south then why not Hidimba, mythological character of Mahabharat.
It’s the biggest irony of Indian society that they build n number of temples of all female GODs to worship them and then kill the girls born in their family either before birth or after birth. HATS off to the double standards & hypocrisy in our society.
Overall Manali was a nice place to visit. From there we booked seats in Volvo and headed towards Katra for visiting Mata vaishno Devi shrine. That was an awesome experience. The place has immense following and people have utmost faith in this pilgrimage. We reached to the temple on foot. Came back at 2 pm in the night. I not being a religious person enjoyed it more as a tourist place but being a very spiritual person I just loved the place and would love to go again and again.The serenity of this place is still with me. It was the best visit during our honeymoon travel.
We came back very happy and “in love” couple. Life has treated us well since then. Touchwood!

21st MAY 2011
Today Doomsday is declared by some American astrologer. Let’s see what’s in store for us today. Today whether is awesome, It rained heavily, breeze is cool and there is some old world charm in the air. Wanted to go for an outing, its been long. I am really fed up with the work and home chores and need a big break. But today is Saturday and my office is open. Pushing myself to sit on the chair and work. Abhinav has gone to Landsdown on Friday morning, will be back on Sunday evening. Heard it’s a nice place.
Life has so much to offer, got to know about the practice and sessions conducted by Sri Sri Sri Ravishankar through a friend Rohan. I am thinking to join and feel that the inner peace and tranquility I am looking for, can be attained through this practice. Peace is still not there, neither inside nor outside. Lots of chaos going on. This practice might give me my ME time.
Recently joined Speakasia online business. This is the first time I have joined this kind of business. Today filled my first survey as well.
Speak asia is an old story now, came to know that their founders are fraud. One is not criminal until n unless they are caught. 

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

yeh shahar hai ya.....

yeh andhe, bahre aur goongoon ka shahar hai
horn bajana zaroore hai
phir kahte hai horn bajane pe fine lagega
aur kanoon tak awaaz jaati nahi hai

yeh andhoon ka shahar hai
jinhe apne alawa kuch nahi dekhaye deta
aur inhe dekhke baki bhi
gandhari bann gaye hai

yeh bahroon ka shahar hai
jinke kaan sirf wahi sunte hai
jo sunna chahte hai
phir kahte hai hamare baat koi sunta nahi

Yeh goongoon ka bhi shahar hai
jo kabhi awaaz nahi utha sakte
aur kahte phir te hai
ki hamare koi sunta nahi

yeh shahr hai ya apahiz
jo na chal sakta hai
na daudh sakta hai
na uth sakta hai
na beth sakta hai
phir bhi bhage jaa raha hai

yeh shahr hai ya mareez
bimaar hai aur
dawayeean par zinda hai
phir bhi bhara bhara tandarust nazar ata hai

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The state of Delhi ?

16 june 2011
So Guys,                                  

Another international concert is cancelled in Delhi, The Bryan Adams show - due to security reasons and government policies. Delhi's reputation has always been like this, dealing with government agencies in Delhi is a big question mark. She has surely lived upto her reputation. In continuation with CWG and other big scams, Delhi government authorities has again proved that they are least concerned when it comes to the organization of international events, they give a damn to the event or the reputation of the country. The only thing matters to Delhi's sarkari babus is the so called important paperwork or under the table processes. 

Delhi is so concerned about security of their VIPs and netas that aam janta is neglected due to this. Delhi will become chawani if any neta is visiting the city but their is no safety for females and others. Delhi will break all the records in Rape cases very soon. Elderly citizens will be tortured as like females and kids they are a soft target. You can see the police everywhere near areas where our respected(so called) PM & other netas stays but no security in residential areas and local markets.

We are in a very sorry state. This reminds me a joke told to me by one of my friend who stays in Australia past 10 years. He says that we - Indians shall go to heaven after death as we are already living in hell, but he will go to hell because he is already living in heaven. :)

Sorry to say this but this is true.

God Bless us !

Monday, January 3, 2011

A Burning Desire


It has always been like this. There is something missing around me, or if I have left something at home while going out for the work. This burning desire had never let me sleep soundly. It always give me goose bumps. When I was a kid, I used to look at my father who left his hobbies and fun life in order to bring money at home so that we can have a decent upbringing. Mom also worked. I have a very loving brother. But till today I am unable to understand what am I missing? The desire to excel in whatever I do or desire to do something which give me pleasure?

Still thinking on this.