Monday, December 19, 2011

Pleasure of being at Morning walk ! 19th Dec 2011

The fog was awesome today. I have always cherished winters with lots of fog and fragrance of the cold breeze. Trees were at their glorious best. Overall atmosphere was beautiful in the literally sense. While writing this I could realize that I should thank GOD for giving me eyes, nose, ears, legs, arms & heart to cherish all these things which some unfortunate ones are not privileged to enjoy. They are indeed especially able, definitely nature inspires me to work for them and others who are less privileged.

This inspires me to write an interesting experience. We always buy a papaya & a Nariyal paani while coming back from the walk. Today while standing nearby Papaya seller, my White Blackberry fell down off my hand and I quickly picked it up. Reflex action, of course. Papita walla bhaiya asked me "Is this is a Blackberry?" We are pleasantly surprised on his question. I said, "Yes." He then said "Yeh phone sabse mahnga hai aur apne gira diya." I smiled and said"Nahi sabse mahnga to nahi hai" He then said"yeh 14k-15k ka hoga?" I said "No its only 9k". He finally said "Achha sasta ho gaya hai". And by then we paid him money for the purchase and moved on towards home.

The incident was very small. But it made us think. I felt pride on his aspirations, despite selling papita outside District Park he knows about the Blackberry and inquired about its rates also. This gives the thought that we should "Think Big". Tough he may not be thinking of buying the costly phone but he knows about it. If the thought is there, dream is there, and then one can achieve it. Life is all about thinking BIG. No matter what your current position, status or finances are. Aspirations can be shared with anyone, they can be big or small or may be tiny. Human beings with out aspirations, dreams & thoughts are living like a subject. There should always be something to look forward to else life will become a drag.

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