Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Shop, Shop, Shop !

Warm welcome to all those who are visiting this page.

Well its been more than a month I could not write anything. I could not write when negative thoughts of past or bad deeds done in past capture my mind. Well, I am a Buddhism practitioner and these thoughts should not come to my mind.
I was reading newspaper today morning, and whenever I see an advertisement I get this burning desire to purchase. There were selling a very nice wine serving set. I really think of buying it. Saw indiatimes is offering good products n interesting packages

Shopping has become a totally different kinda experience now. there were times when once a week or once in 15 days we used to go to shopping to a nice conjusted market with mummy or papa and used to shop lesser what was required. But now its vice versa we shop almost every where and all the time. And shop much much more than what is actual requirement. We can shop online, offline, sales people also come at door step, then there are TV channels who are selling each n every thing on this earth. Life has become very much desirable now, like now we want everything. There is no amount of satisfaction left in anything we do. And then once we are back we start feeling guilty "Oh s#$% ! why we purchased all these useless stuff?".

Of course because of this shopping has lost its charm.