Sunday, January 12, 2014

The seconds hand !

This is the time when I am enjoying the age of my growing kids the most. Sometimes I feel very happy, content, sometimes frustrated and highly irritated. But Life goes on. That’s why its said that time is eternal, limitless and without any boundaries. I have two sons, one is 9 years and little one is 4 years. And like any other mother I adore them despite all the hitches and hurdles they create in smooth running of home. They are my treasures. My younger son always inspire me to write, he is always unto something new and interesting and compel me to pen down my thoughts.

Now days he is all excited to see the clock. Yes! Clock. Sounds weird. Isn't it? He screams whenever he sees a clock and become excited to see the moving seconds hand. He will ask me to give a glance to the clock. And I can’t stop myself staring him. He himself never loses the sight of seconds needle moving. Yes, I understand, at his age any moving non-living thing is an object of enthusiasm and eagerness. But I am amused and eager to know what his little mind is interpreting a moving time?

We cannot read other's mind but what makes him excited for this moving object? He feels more ecstatic when the seconds needle moves to 3 and then to 6. Is he also moving with it? Is he moving with the time? Or is his just missing the time passing by ? These questions screams inside me for the answer. Well ! I may get the answer or may be not. But I just enjoy the seconds when he watches the seconds hand in the clock and his eyes gleam as if he is getting his favorite toy. Time stands still then and leave me as soon as he leaves. 

Of course! It’s not necessary to know all the answers. Life remains unanswerable, as always! :)

Stay !

Can't fight with destiny
If something to happen 
It will happen
You can only prepare yourself
To face the adversity 
If no one listens
Don't scream out your lungs
Anyways no one is listening
If no one understands
Don't expect from them next time 
If no one cares
Don't let others sideline you
At least , 

Sun will set, and again sun will rise 
Moving needles of clock are eternal 
Yes only time is timeless

Sit and think 
Stop and smile 
Give and forgive 
Relax and strive 

The beauty lies in being slow 
The beauty is enhanced when you stop from outside 
But never ever stop your heart
Let it fly
Let it soar high in the sky. 
Let it be crazy 
Let it be wise

But don't deny it's dream
Don't deny yourself 
Accept the fact and
Realise it
It's all yours !
You are destined for this dream 
You are the chooses one !