Monday, September 6, 2010

T.V. - A true idiot box.

I wonder how beautiful were the days when there were few very good programes on TV, by some accomplished theatre personalities. We were plainly lucky. We used to wait for Nukkad, Dekh bhai dekh, Hum log, Buniyaad, Malgudi days & unforgettable Kaliganj ki Bahu.

These are way ahead of today's chotu bahu, baire piya, balika vadhu,na aana iss des mein lado,kumkum etc. They dont even deserve a capital letter ovation in my vocabulary.These soaps has turned their attention from kitchen politics to social issues and the treatment they give to these issues screw the whole process. Don't understand what our children will learn. Now Date rape,Child marriage,dowry deaths and few more evils not worth mentioning has entered our drawing rooms.People learn HOW TO BURN A DAUGHTER IN LAW, and what all is required to burn her.

Sometimes I think about people who regularly watch these serials.WHAT KIND OF MINDSET THEY ARE DEVELOPING. These are serial killers of our senses and dignity. And they call it ENTERTAINMENT. This is not entertainment,this is endangerment of art of performing on television.I really miss the story and performance part on Television and end up watching animals & beaches. Well at least they don't bitch or politicize things.

Well,well enough has been said about this , few NGOs are protesting as well. Let's see when we can see a nice story from our very rich hindi literature or for that matter English literature as well.


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