Friday, January 4, 2013

Run, Run ! 2014 has come !

2014 - Another new year has come, and it has come again indeed with lots of speculations, promises, resolutions. 
This time also I have to do some promises to self, will make some resolutions and will try not to break them. 

The first thing I promise to self that I shall continue to be kind and generous to all irrespective of other reactions or behavior. This I was lacking since last so many years. We get affected very easily with how others are treating us. We want everyone around us to be polite and nice to us which in turn makes the environment very pleasant. But many a times we ourselves become rude. How can we expect a subtle behavior from others when we ourselves are not grounded. 

Here comes "the turning point". 
No matter what others do or think - good or bad, I pledge to keep doing good. I am ME, and can't be like others. I shall follow the path of kindness only whether I be treated kindly or not. 

It is definitely difficult to follow this humble path but once one is used to it, life will take a 360 degree turn after that. 

So be good and keep praying !

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