Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Lurching eyes !

One humid but beautiful August afternoon I decided to gift myself a walk till nearby Grocery shop. The walk was pleasant but it proved me again that nothing has changed yet in-spite of so much of hoo-hullah on women's safety and so called empowerment. The distance was not even one kilometres but I felt I have come miles away. 

As soon as I left safe cocoon of the wall of my society, on the main road I met happened to see two grown up boys riding a bike. I shall call them grown up because they were driving, and I understand  in our country driving license is given after 18 years of 'grown up' age. 

I was crossing the road, though there is no such concept of Zebra crossing in our country, I was looking at all sides with my ultra alert eyes. The boys were daring also, I must say. The front boy or man or MCP was blinking at me again. The moment was actually funny for me. 

I was bought up in a family where blinking is like a crime and considered the most of heinous of acts. And his blink made me, mother two small boys, smile in my heart. I was not at all angry or astonished on their  gesture. I simply felt pity on them. What kind of upbringing they had ?

I ignored them. The act of ignorance is the most common action I was doing since my childhood. Being a girl I had to be tough and smart in all kind of situations and circumstances. Anyways those boys also crossed the road on their super human bike and left. 

I was least bothered about them and was neither afraid a bit. I continued with my journey towards grocery shop and started planning what I need to buy from there. Fresh aroma of cheese slice and Mayonnaise filled my nostrils on the mere thought. 

After another 10 steps forward a car starting crawling by my side. Two men were sitting in it. The car was with me for another 10 steps. I gave the most strenuous look to them. The car moved ahead and stopped after few meters. I pretended looking at my phone which is having a 3.2 megapixel of camera. I angled the phone to take picture of that lurching car as number plate was intact on its back side. The trick did worked, and within few minutes the car was no where to see. As if it was never on this road at this hour. 

I laughed and felt instant pride in my intelligence. They might have thought that I have taken the picture of number plate and sending to someone. Though I knew in my heart, that I am plain lucky. Whatever it was I got rid of those sick eyes. 

And after few minutes I reached safely to my delicious cheese and Myo' !

Lots of insane things happen on the road, but my experience was alarming and interesting. I really feel pity and distraught for these kind of people whose mouth waters only at the sight of woman. The women for them is a mere object, which they can use according to their wish. 

The only word for them is F**K off !


Anshulika said...

Oh...So happy being the first one to comment!

Such a compelling post and you are certainly a braveheart oops beauty with brains! With ghastly incidents taking place all around, even a harmless gesture can terrorize.

But the fact women are treated as objects of sexual gratification in this country endangers every woman's freedom and expression.And so much ironical is the fact that we live in a culture where we worship Durga n Saraswati!!

Deepanshi P Chopra said...

Thanks Anshu for taking time out and writing in words of encouragement. Yes your are right that its the biggest irony of our country where we dress up our little girls as goddesses and brainless monsters living in the society tear those dresses and molest them. Feel disgusted !

Thanks again Anshu :)

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