Friday, January 10, 2014

Happily ever after

Deep down, down the memory lane
Was created a vaccuum 
Months,Years and then decades pass by
That vaccuum deepens
More like a hollow vessel
Making more sound than,
When it's filled 
Vaccuum's noise making his ears
Deaf and senses meaningless
There are n number if people around 
Alas! All are strangers in their 
Strangest manners, 
And there is given a tap on his back
He returns back
To the old world trying to be 
In tune with modernity 
Surrounding the empty vessels 
Roaming here and there 
All around him 
And he is choking midst the 
Deafening sound created by vessels
So much so he could not
Hear anything now
Neither he could feel anything 
For anyone 

And then he lived happily ever after 

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