Tuesday, January 21, 2014

How to make your resume attractive?

In my short career span of consultancy business, I came across n types of resumes. They all are in different colour, shapes and sizes. My eyes open to MS word document in the morning and closes with the same in the morning. It’s totally wonderful and fun seeing different types of resumes. The word “résumé" or "Curriculum Vitae"(the generation Y name of resume) is a brief account of a person's education, qualifications, and previous experience, typically sent with a job application. In Latin its actually means “course of life”. 

When we open a resume we can actually see the complete picture of life of candidate. Candidate mentions all the details of the company they have worked with in the past and present. We spend 8-10 yrs of our day in the office and sometimes it becomes our “second home”.

Most of the resumes are just written for the sake of mentioning all the details. It seems resume of Person “a” is written by a person “b”. I mean to say resume does not seem to carry a soul. It’s a just a document or notification about a person and loudly says “this is to inform you that I am ‘ME’ ”

My basic point here is to mention that resume is the first document in front of the client, which is the FACE of the candidate. It should not be confusing at all. It should be clear, simple and easy to understand. If a person opens a resume and after going through it still wondering where the resume owner is working then it will be very confusing. It shows that resume owner is him/her self very much confused and garbled. 

Resumes should be sorted, straight & full strength. 

If you are an experienced candidate, looking for a job change, always mention your work experience first thing in the resume. And for freshers mentioning academics in the neginning will make sense.

It should carry information about candidate’s career growth in ascending order. Recruiter will be least bother in knowing what the candidate was doing 10 years back. Everyone wants to know about TODAY. “What are you today?” – Is the popping question in the minds? 

There is no point in writing strength and weaknesses. I find it very funny to write them on resume. Why should I let others know my weaknesses? Rather I would work on them and rectify them. And strengths are only the result of circumstances. A person can be stronger in a situation, which he never thought could be possible. So these two traits can be discussed at the time of interview. But yes, be very well prepared for this question during personal round of interview.

Strengths and weaknesses are important if we mention them in relation to our work or job profile. For example: Person “a” is strong in Java & C++ and week in some other language. 

Never put different colors of fonts in your resume. It looks funny and kiddish. Font should be simple in style, readable and black on white background.

There is no need to write Hobbies as well, thats actually what I feel. Yes ! if your profile is that of an actor or an advertiser then you may mention your hobbies. But instead of hobbies, head should be 'Interest'.  At least I think so. Well! It’s a matter of personal choice if someone wants to tell the consultant and HR manager that he/she loves travelling/driving/music/watching TV etc etc. Any ways it won’t influence the profile, which is vacant or will not increase few digits on the offer letter.

Always, Always check your resume for spelling and grammer in the last and before sending it to HR manager or consultants. Spelling mistakes give worst impression on the person reading resume.

Hope this will help prospective candidates to upgrade their resumes. 

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