Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The eight effect

Why the hell when number 8 date comes I start getting goose bumps. Eight gets me inside its circles and drown me down. Its been rare when a day with 4 or 8 date goes easy on me. Either my laptop gets struck, I get myself in some ruffle, or I hurt myself or any other mishap happens. They say all days are same, but not for me. And I think there must be few people around who also feel the same. 
So what is this with 8?
The question haunts me every now n then. I searched web to look for my answers, read books n literature on numerology, discussed it with scholars and others. But in vain !

And then one dine day I realized that its all in my mind. 4 and 8 dates are really same as other dates. Because all Daya can not be same always. There has to be a bad day n a good day. So its just a matter if time that 3rd might be good n 4th went off bad.

So now this does not bother me anymore and I try to take each day as it comes

So lets have 4 cheers instead of 3 :)

Hip hip hurray

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