Tuesday, September 7, 2010

We are much safer !

I read an article in news paper today, actually it was a news not an article that a female was given 100 lashes before she was killed in Iran. Her fault was that she was not wearing veil in a photograph. Also she was a widow and had an affair.

This reminds me the saddest & most shocking states in which some unfortunate women are there in this particular community. Though every community has its drawbacks,female infanticide is very common in communities in punjab and haryana. But this kind of inhuman and barbaric action against a women sends shivers down my spines. and end up thanking GOD not sending me there.

My heart cries for that unfortunate woman and many more like her. Have you ever heard that a man was killed,executed,prosecuted in any country for infidelity or beating his wife or beating his children or going to a prostitute. I have never heard !

After looking at these kinds of news, I truly thank GOD for sending in much better condition here in India.

LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL. And yes I am proud to be an INDIAN !

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