Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My color GREEN

Today is Green day in my 5 year old son's school. I sen him in green attire with green vegetables and fruits. then I went to the local park for a walk. I felt like nature is contributing its bit today on this Green Day in his school.

That mesmerizing smell of plants and wet mud always haunt me. Since our childhood days we only knew one color green and that is of our national Tricolor Flag, though we were surrounded with green as well. As if that green color is giving a strong sense of freedom to live and breathe, the breeze was very pleasant and exuberant and I felt like picking my car and go for a long drive. 

But then thanks to globalization & hike in petrol prizes because of which I keep myself at home. Not even me, others are also avoiding long drive. I am sure my long drive will change to a long crawl in the traffic jams on Ring road or Gurgaon - Jaipur highway. Well ! this is an irony that such a beautiful weather will be wasted because of car population blast. So I better should confine to the comfort of my room. Anyways today is CW Games trail, so moving out will be a foolish thing to do on my part. But this will not dampen my spirit to feel the ecstasy of this beautiful weather, enchant and enlightenment of GREEN.


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