Wednesday, December 29, 2010

This is Winter of 2010, Akshit getting ready for the school. This is the first he will be wearing Tie and Belt, a Blazer and pants with Zip. This uniform will mark his coming 12 years. Well, the thought gave me to click him in his first ever uniform. God bless him.

Aarin, 9 months

We bought a beautiful yellow chair for Aarin and he thoroughly njoys it. He is a happy child and learn very fast.

Sunil is very much attached to Aarin as I am to Akshit. He is very pround of this little bundle of joy. Many times I thank GOD for giving me such a wonderful family.Love you guys.

Akshit always was reluctant to wear muffler-cap but to my surprise one fine evening he wore thisblue cap-muffler. And to make most of it, I clicked him. He is my handsome HERO. :)

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