Monday, September 9, 2013

Immortal souls !

This Diwali I shall treat myself with a big luxury car. I shall also have some diamond jewelry for myself. I need to get a nice Guitar & latest XBOX for my kids. Also need an expensive watch for my husband……..
So much materialism to gain in such a little time. Then a thought sparks my mind and give me a shudder. What if I perish tomorrow then I wont be able to enjoy pleasure from these things. No one will remember me as a lady who had a big car, huge property or amazing jewelry. No one will remember me if I was blessed with most wonderful kids and a very loving husband. They will only remember me, what I held in my heart all life long – love or hate, regret or contentment, compassion or indifference.
Life is a moment , it makes us happy and sad in that very second !
Yaksha : “What is the most wondrous thing on the earth?”
Yudhishthir: “Each day countless humans enter The temple of death, yet the ones left behind continue to live as though they were immortal.”

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