Sunday, September 8, 2013

When mystery never unfolds !

HIS warm breath was still on HER neck,
humming though ears and going till the heart
embracing the heart from all four quarters

His sweet nothings were still in the air,
dancing with glory of their togetherness
making an incision in the middle of her heart.

HIS affectionate sight was so intense 
looking into HER eyes as if meeting them 
halfway while making space in HER heart

His subtle and restless touch of fingers
still loom large on HER knotted fingers
and caressing her finger tips with her thumb

HIS look travelling till the road end
still layering HER own glance
in whatever or whosoever SHE saw

HIS lips twirled like vine of grape
mere look of which melted HER 
as if she is a snow ball melting near the fire

HIS voice looming around like a whirlwind
making a funnel in which HER being
is twirling deep down & down.

In spite of all the remoteness
HE is not around HER
but SHE is still clinging to the mystery
which might unfold

May be at the time of 'The ultimate journey'

#Love - The eternal journey


Anonymous said...

I lovedddd the last four lines, they really touched my heart :)
Looking forward to read more from you Deepanshi :)

Deepanshi P Chopra said...

Many thanks :)

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